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All articles unless otherwise specified are written entirely by Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

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All articles unless otherwise specified are written entirely by Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean


Short-Wave, Galvanic & Blend

Short-Wave also know as radio frequency current was introduced in 1942 and is a high-frequency thermal current that electrolocoagulates the root also know as the papillae. Fact most people are unaware that each and every hair has its own individual blood supply also known as capillaries that nourishes each and every hair of the follicle. Electrolcoagulation is also known as simply cauterizing the germinative structure of the papillae otherwise known as the root eliminates the blood supply that nourishes the hair results in its termination. Computerized Thermolysis is the most comfortable accurate efficient and quickest of forms of electro-cauterization of the root denies the hair nourishment via the capillaries and from they’re the root dies and further new hairs cannot reproduce in that follicle. Short-Wave current is known for being quick and efficient and if you have a STATE OF THE ART computerized epilator with a quick insertion delay and excellent practical skill you can treat between 300 to 900 hairs per-hour that is verified by the counter on the epilator.

Galvanic is a low frequency current that cycles 600 times or less per minute in addition it is known as the Chemical Current that results from the electrolytic conversion reaction in the formation of sodium hydroxide that penetrates the entire structure of the follicle. Galvanic current enables the electrolytic conversion reaction henceforth the word electrolysis was used because of the formation of Sodium Hydroxide aka Lye which is one of the basic chemical elements found in the human body. After introducing galvanic current via the probe for a minimum of three seconds Sodium Hydroxide aka Lye starts forming in the follicle. Using specialized magnification the electrologist is able to see tiny white microscopic bubbles effervescing from the orifice of the follicle. Although Sodium Hydroxide also known, as Lye is of an alkaline base it has an acidic affect and that results in the electrodessication of the entire follicle wall and structure, in reference this means it dehydrates the follicle. In addition, galvanic causes the electro-decomposition of the follicle wall by totally breaking down the whole structure of the follicle by the combined electrolytic conversion reaction and concentration of Sodium Hydroxide AKA Lye in the total structure of the follicle. Galvanic current is most effective for resistant tough curved distorted hairs.

The Blend epilator was invented in 1948 by Arthur Hinkel Company and is the combined simultaneous use of Short-Wave and Galvanic currents and each particular form of electrolysis is used hair and skin condition. Which technique is superior? Fact all three techniques, practically applied, are effective with the Blend and Galvanic currents being choice for tough distorted hair. All three modes produce positive results such as Short-Wave for rapid clearing treating 300 to 800 hairs per-hour giving you a smooth, hair-free complexion and, in turn, improve your appearance and sense of emotional well being. On severe cases I rotate all three modes depending the type of hair and area to be treated. However, it is up to the electrologist to make the best choice depending on you hair and skin type what current is best for you. Nevertheless a seasoned electrologist does not limit himself or herself to one mode of treatment that will slow your patient’s progress.

How do I choose a qualified electrologist? A qualified electrologist is licensed and registered with a state board of electrologists and has minimum of 700 to 1100 hours of professional training in medical sciences, practical theory and has successfully completed a written and practical state board examination. Their license and registration can be verified by simply calling their state board. When several certificates are displayed, how do I know which one is bona fide? Only 33 states require licensing and registration for electrologists. Look for a state license and certificate of registration with license number and diploma from a nationally and state accredited school. If there are no requirements in your state (Arizona has none), then an electrologist that has made the effort to pursue their education out of state and obtain a license and registration is your best choice. Only a state has the authority to issue a license and registration. Consumer beware of counterfeit mail order diplomas and weekend course certification, and keep in mind, no school can license or register an electrologists. Fact and for the record using the example: Jane Doe, C.P.E. (Certified Professional Electrologist) does not mean the electrologist is state licensed or registered.

What are the most stringent requirements in the United States to become a licensed and registered electrologist?
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts sets the most stringent standards, establishing a board in 1959. The requirements are 500 hours of educational theory, 600 hours of practical theory, and a 2 hour written state board examination accompanied by a 1 hour practical examination in the following medical sciences:

    * Endocrinology
    * Histology
    * Biology
    * Microbiology
    * Dermatology
    * Physiology
    * Anatomy
    * Hygiene
    * Sterilization
    * Electricity
    * Ethics.

After successfully the course you are required to take the Massachusetts State Board of Electrologists dual examination, which consists of a two-hour written and one-hour practical examination. After achieving a passing grade you than are a licensed and registered as an electrologist.


How safe is computerized Electrology-Electrolysis?
All three methods of computer Electrology-Electrolysis are safe when practiced by an experienced state licensed and registered electrologist. The safety of the electrolysis lies in the professional Electrologist’s ability to judge the angle of the hair to be removed is growing, whether it is angled diagonally, to the right, or the left. A proper insertion should be made with a three way stretch that open the orifice of the follicle and with the probe gently sliding down the follicle wall penetrating and piercing the papillae right down into the capillaries. (The interior of follicle right down to papillae and blood supply has no nerve endings so there is no sensation or discomfort with an expert insertion). Fact an expert electrologist never allows the probe to brush up against the orifice of the follicle because of discomfort in addition to the fact it causes pitting. Fact only an incorrect insertion will cause pain. With the probe being correctly inserted into the base of follicle the tissue absorbs and disperses the electrical current more efficiently. My motto has always been When electrolysis is practiced as a scientific art with a medical approach© there is no scabbing, scarring, pitting, or excessive redness in addition my patient are relaxed and at ease during treatment. The end result is an excellent treatment with a healthy, clear complexion.

Hygiene - Your safety and well-being are in the hands of your electrologist. A professionally trained, licensed, and registered electrologist uses disposable probes and individually autoclaved forceps per patient, and completes a thorough medical history. Electrologists who reuse designated probes risk their patients’ health and should be barred from the profession. A reused probe could inadvertently be mistaken for another patient’s, spreading disease. Further, a probe suffers metal fatigue and should not be reused, especially in light of its low cost approximately 50 cents. My sterilization process consists of a chemical bath of Banicide a germicide used in hospital operating rooms; ultrasonic cleaning with enzyme detergent and, finally, each forceps is inserted into a dry heat sterilization bag and placed in a dry heat autoclave. All treatments begin with a triple sterilized forceps and a pre-sterilized disposable probe.

Want to lean more about computerized Electrolysis-Electrology? The Five Star Electrologist Americas Online News & Education For The Electrologist & Consumer©


Ten years and counting and after all this time Laser Parlor Industry have not been able to prove that its works. So when you go to a Laser Parlor you are playing Russian roulette with your health and tempting Murphy’s Law where anything that can go wrong will go wrong. After ten years on the market using the public for guinea pigs it is still an unproven dangerous technology that exposes you to harmful cancer causing ultraviolet radiation, first, second and third degree burns and premature aging of the skin. For ten long years and counting the Laser Parlor Industry has outright refused invitations to make their product available for reputable double blind testing performed by Underwriter Laboratories or some other prestigious testing agency. Furthermore the Laser Parlor Industry has saturated the market and it has bottomed out because the consumer has become aware that its just another temporary hair removal scam.

Waxing is wholesale plucking, which worsens the hair problem. Improper treatment rips the papillae, the germanative structure of the hair from the root. When this is done, the root of the papillae shatters, leaving germanative seedlings at the base of the follicle. Each hair is nourished by its own individual blood supply from the capillaries and this will nourish the seedlings and stimulate new hair growth and will cause a distortion of the follicle, resulting in ingrown hairs, inflammation of the follicle, pustules and furuncles The only known cure for this condition is electrolysis practiced by a professionally trained, state licensed, and registered electrologist. Ms. William’s primary concern is my patients however being the founder and Dean of Boston School of Electrolysis America’s only finishing school for licensed and registered electrologists who want keep ahead of the curve with advanced computerized epilators.

Most people do not realize that hair and skin are both composed of ciliated epithelial tissue. Any chemical that bleaches the pigment from the hair also bleaches the pigment from the skin. This results in macular atrophy, a degenerative condition of the skin known as “white atrophic skin patches”. These are cosmetically very unattractive and can permanently flaw your complexion. The final analysis is that women and men who do not seek a professionally trained and experienced, state licensed and registered electrologist will create severe unwanted hair problems. Avoid complications by always selecting a state licensed and registered electrologist.

Always ask for name, address and the electrolysis school and date graduated if the school has closed call The State Board Of Electrologists or the Board of Education to make it existed.

    * Check authenticity of experience and date of license.
    * Always ask to see a state license and registration and pocket license that proves they are currently licensed. If you are unsure about the authenticity of these credentials,  
       verify them with their State Board Of Electrologists.
    * Beware of mail order and “weekend wonder” course diplomas
    * Demand documentation and never be afraid to ask questions
    * Beware of anyone who says licensure is not necessary
    * Always ask the electrologist to demonstrate their sterilization system.



A fact about quick quack certification titles do not mean that they are state licensed and registered electrologists and good example is the 120-hour Certified Professional Electrologist course. Always remember non-licensed electrologists try to appear and want you to think they are licensed and registered as an electrologist so they advertise as Jane Doe, C.P.E. Certified Professional Electrologist. Bonafide licensed and registered electrologists will always advertise, Jane Doe, R.E. Massachusetts licensed and registered electrologist.

For the record it is my professional opinion that electrologists certification courses by themselves do not prepare an individual AKA a layperson in any form or manner to be a competent electrologist.

These worthless electrolysis certifications appear, infer and bestow ornate diplomas and titles with credentials upon undeserving frauds who think that its alright to purchase an education and their credentials even the course they took was one to three weeks to complete. Additionally at best their tests are grade school level hoaxes consisting of simple true and false and multiple-choice questions. In addition they do not require a high school diploma, background check nor do they have need to test these individuals with an electrolysis practical application examination in any form or manner to prove they are competent to practice electrolysis. However in the end these diploma mills turn out certified quacks are an insult to honest licensed and registered electrologists that successfully completed an accredited electrolysis school and passed their dual state board examinations.

Consumer beware I have compiled a list of titles that non-licensed electrologsits frequently use.

Other ways that non-licensed electrologists try to appear, as licensed electrolgists is to join multiple electrolysis associations who do not require mandatory educated state licensed and registration as an electrologist for membership. Additionally these associations do not emphasize nor require state license and registration as an electrologist for membership nevertheless they wholeheartedly promote the proliferation of themselves as uneducated non-licensed Combination Electrologists Laser Parlor Operators.


  • Is the ancestral home of the C.P.E. AKA Certified Professional Electrologist course and approximately 90% or more of its members are not state licensed and registered electrologists.
  • C.P.E. Certified Professional Electrologist


  • Title Members USE: Member of (IGPE)
  • International Guild of Professional electrologists Changed its name to
  • International Guild of Hair Removal Specialists, Inc. (IGHRS)
  • Title Members USE: (IGHRS) AKA International Guild Hair Removal Specialist

The Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists has changed it name to THE SOCIETY FOR CLINICAL & MEDICAL HAIR REMOVAL, INC.

Fact electrologists are not required to be licensed to become a member and 90% of its of its members are not state licensed and registered electrologists.


  • C.C.E. Certified Clinical Electrologist
  • C.M.E. Certified Medical Electrologsit
  • C.P.E. Certified Professional Electrologist

Want to learn more about certified electrologists visit Boston School Of Electrolysis at this link.





Warning to all state licensed and registered electrologists beware do not list your website, email address or practice with Andrea James alias the Jackbooted Kammandantessa on her following websites,, Hairfacts and Electrologists. Beware Andrea James alias the Jackbooted Kammandantessa Pagejacks, Domain-jacks and redirects consumers away from electrologist’s websites to known Laser Parlor Operators websites. Fact when an electrologists lists their website with her you are supporting and individual with no professional morals or ethics. Furthermore the TGRE also known as the TG Recommended Electrologists and her latest scam and quack title is the HairTell Practitioner Locator who is nothing less than an unscrupulous organization of non-licensed electrologists and laser parlor operators.

Well, well, well they say, “Birds of Feather Flock Together” and here they roost and crow Cocka-Doodle-Do on the biggest rookery on the “Net” for hair removal hacks and quacks. Without one doubt it’s a well-known fact 90% or more of the electrologists listed at, and are not licensed or registered electrologists. These non-licensed illiterate certified electrologists and Laser Parlor Operators listed on these websites are educationally challenged with many them not being a legitimate licensed business. In addition kickbacks and payoffs are business as usual on the following websites,,, and The Jackbooted Kammandantessa has made her websites a known safe haven for crooks and quacks. Consumers beware steer clear of the TG Recommended Electrologists and their latest scam the HairTell Practitioner Locator.


Nevertheless there are those who claim they are Consumer Hair Removal Advocates. However if you check them out you will discover they are Quacks at best and not the legitimate licensed Non-Profit Consumer Hair Removal Advocates they claim to be and the Kommandantessa herself does not have a state of federal tax-exempt identification number. The same goes for her hair removal forum and her latest scam the HairTell Practitioner Locator is where non-licensed Certified Electrologists and non-licensed Laser Parlor Operators congregate while pretending to be a consumer with an unwanted hair problem. On her unethical and questionable websites, and non-licensed electrologists and Laser Parlor Operators write and post their own testimonials. Additionally they possess multiple email addresses to disguise themselves as a consumer like you. I reiterate on they have non-licensed electrologists and Laser Parlor Operators mixed in with consumers with unwanted hair problems who actually think they are talking and sharing their problem to a person with unwanted hair problem. However they set their hook into the consumer when you ask, “Do you know a good electrologist?” That’s when the non-licensed certified quack refers you to them and you say thank you and from that point on they have you right where they want you.

Fact on, and the Kommandantessa has thrown down the old welcome mat for any uneducated self-proclaimed wanabe non-licensed certified electrologists in addition she does not require verification of their credentials. At best the TG Recommended Electrologists and the HairTell Practitioner Locator are cast offs who could not make in the real world as an electrologist. Consumer beware many non-licensed certified electrologists and TG Recommended Electrologists design and print their own diplomas however consumer be alert that the TG Recommended Electrologists and the HairTell Practitioner Locator are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to selecting an electrologist.

It’s a known fact on the “Net” that Andrea James alias the Jackbooted Kammandantessa does not require electrologists to prove their credentials let alone the fact that she does not require electrologists to be licensed and registered. In addition what is most concerning there is no background check on anyone else claiming to be a professional on these websites. Therefore consumer beware your underage children could be the victims of sexual predators, thrill seeking voyeurs and other perverts listed on her websites because she refuses to do a basic background check because of the kickbacks she collects. Therefore I urge all licensed and registered electrologists and especially consumers to avoid the TG-Recommended Electrologists and the HairTell Practitioner Locator on the forum, and because at best they’re bogus uneducated non-licensed second-rate electrologists and Laser Parlor Operators who are nothing less than fraudulent quacks.

Every year licensed and registered electrologists of the
ELECTROLYSIS-ELECTROLOGY INDUSTRY are besieged by one non-licensed hack and quack attack after another. However words never fail Andrea James alias the Kommandantessa who claims that she is the # 1 hair removal resource online however if you check her credentials its most obvious and without one doubt you will discover she is America’s # 1 online fraud.

If you want to learn more about the dangers of Fake Consumer Hair Removal Advocates try these links at Boston School Of Electrolysis™ transsexual-update3.php


Boston Electrolysis™ PRIVATE PRACTICE

LASER HAIR Removal Facts & MYTHS




Boston Electrolysis™ Private Practice

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Fact or Myth
Laser Parlor Operators advertise, “Approved by the FDA.”

Fact & Myth
Yes Laser Parlor Operators do advertise, “Approved by the FDA.” However advertise the phrase “Approved by the FDA” to lull the consumer into thinking that it is permanent like electrolysis. The FDA has approved the Laser for temporary hair removal only and it is illegal for Laser Parlors to advertise permanent and painless.

Fact or Myth
Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method for Safe Permanent Hair Removal that works!

Electrolysis is the only known and safe and proven method of Permanent Hair Removal that is approved by the FDA.

Fact or Myth
Certified Laser Parlor Operators only have to take a 50 course to get their certificate to operate.

Laser Parlor Operators are supposed to take a one-week fifty-hour-course to become a Certified Laser Parlor operator.

Fact or Myth
They do a complete and thorough background check on all Laser Parlor Operators.

State and federal authorities do not license and regulate the Laser Parlor Industry which is an equal opportunity employer so that means a convict or known sex offender can become a certified Laser Parlor Operator.

Fact or Myth
Laser Parlor Operators claim the Laser will result in permanent Hair removal.

They wish however most Laser Parlor Operators claim it nevertheless Laser Parlor Operators routinely lie to their customers just to get your money. Fact the FDA has ruled Laser Parlor Industry cannot advertise permanent or painless hair removal. However if you visit the link below you will learn just how dangerous laser hair removal really is.

Fact Or Myth
The FDA (Food And Drug Administration) has forbidden Laser Parlor Operators to advertise and claim permanent hair removal.

If you possess an advertisement or proof of payment that your Laser Parlor Operators said or claimed its permanent you are entitled to a not so cheerful full refund if you take them to small claims court.

Fact Or Myth
Do less skilled electrologists become Laser Parlor Operators?

Yes they do and all professions electrolysis have their marginal electrologists that become the scourge of the profession known as the Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operator.

Fact or Myth
Most consumers are unaware that temporary laser hair removal machine emit dangerous cancer causing ultraviolet radiation!

Warning Temporary Laser Hair Removal Treatments Camouflage Precancerous And Cancerous Lesions By Lightening Them. Physicians and Skin specialists and dermatologists say that grave and even fatal conditions such as melanoma are routinely missed, or mistaken for a simple benign freckle by non-licensed Certified Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operators and “50 Hour Wonder Techs.”

Fact or Myth
Vast numbers of untrained uneducated Quacks are using lasers that camouflage precancerous and cancerous lesions by lightening them?

It has been noted that diagnosed melanoma in several studies having had a series of laser hair removal. Where the laser can lighten a dark melanoma which could continue growing, going deeper and metastasizing in the patient.

Fact or Myth
Its know fact once a melanoma known skin cancer metastasizes in your system you have about four months to live.

Skin cancer is preventable, however there is no known cure and treatment so an untimely painful end is predicted.

Fact Or Myth
Temporary lasers hair removal emits causing ultraviolet radiation.

All lasers for temporary hair removal emit harmful cancer causing ultraviolet radiation as a by-product of dangerous temporary hair removal!

Fact or Myth
Electrologists that do laser hair removal are less skill skilled and lazy.

Electrolgists that use the laser are less skilled but also totally unethical, lazy and shiftless because they cannot compete with a dedicated skilled electrologist.

Fact or Myth
First, second and third degree burns and malpractice claims go unreported because they are paid off by Insurance Companies.

The laser Parlor Industry has a public relations departments that is superior to the CIA when it comes cover ups.

Fact or Myth
There are many unreported cases of second and third degree burns where Mal-Practice insurance claims have been paid to keep the Free Press from informing and warning the public.

In New York City there is a 125 million dollar lawsuit pending against a Laser Parlor Operators for third degree burns on half of her face. Click below for full story

Fact or Myth
There are two known deaths that where caused by negligent by Laser Parlor Operators.

You can read about these tragic deaths of two young women at this Link

Fact or Myth
Presently There Are Over 500 Pending lawsuits against Laser Parlors For Permanent Disfiguring Burns!

The Five Star Electrologist© America’s Online Electrolysis News & Education For The Electrologist and Consumer© the Laser Parlor Industry had a good damage control, until their lawsuits start piling up. Most notably just one dermatologist said he is consulting as an expert with plaintiffs in over 500 lawsuits around the country involving botched hair removal treatments that resulted in permanent disfiguring burns, scarring or permanent pigment loss and changes. Dermatologic specialists and plastic surgeons in Phoenix, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Washington and other cities that they routinely see patients with disfiguring third degree burns and other unfixable injuries, most of them inflicted by low ranked physicians, non-licensed and licensed electrologists who become 50 hour “Wonder-Techs” who were wielding laser equipment that was out-of-date, set improperly or not properly educated for a particular patient's skin type and needs.

Fact or Myth
The laser Parlor Industry has failed to report all known adverse affects from temporary laser removal.

Yes they have and in the next 2 to 5 years you will see lawsuits in the thousands for adverse reactions such as premature aging and permanent loss of pigment. Down the road time will tell and the unforeseen long term harmful affects from temporary laser hair removal will cause sagging skin, painful sensory neuritis, early onset cataracts and advanced terminal melanomas and other health and skin disorders caused by cancer causing “Ultra-Violet Radiation” emitted from the laser.

Fact or Myth
Can a criminal, ex-convict, parolee or known sex offender become a Laser Parlor Operator? Fact Anyone can become a Laser Parlor Operator because there are no back round checks, minimum educational requirements including no required health check for the operator. Fact all they have to do is take the fifty-our wonder course and they become an instant Certified Laser Parlor Operator.

Fact or Myth
Are hairy moles also known as Nevus Peli precancerous?

Fact experienced licensed and registered electrologists know the hairy moles are precancerous and exposure to the sun and laser harmful ultraviolet radiation will cause the most deadly cancer Melanoma.

Fact or Myth
Once Melanoma becomes systemic in your system you have about four months to live.
Fact Four months is considered optimum and there is no cure for Squamous Cell Carcinoma because skin cancer is classified as preventable. Fact or Myth

Laser Parlor Operators are not required to take a mandatory course in Histology (Study of the Skin and Minute Structures) so the can spot a Melanoma or other deadly conditions.

The Laser Parlor Operators fifty hours course does not include or cover Histology in addition most Laser Parlor Operators are scientifically illiterate.

Fact or Myth
Surgeons who perform SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery) inform Transsexual patients that Laser Hair Removal is only temporary at best and always recommend electrolysis as the only true method of safe Permanent Hair Removal.

Transsexual patients that have been lied to end up being over treated, which give their skin a discolored dry leathery appearance and feel. In addition permanent loss of pigment leaving a disfiguring marbled albino look and the unwanted hair is still there and it is even more course from the plucking, shaving and waxing approved by the Laser Parlor Operators during treatment.

Fact or Myth
One bad sunburn can lead to skin cancer years later?

Its amazing physicians and dermatologists repeatedly warn you to stay out of the sun however temporary Laser Parlor Operators continue to use excessive repeated ultraviolet radiation with each and every application?

Fact or Myth
Laser Parlors Operators equipment is routinely inspected to assure you the consumer that their equipment is in good working order and is compliant with State and Federal Regulatory Agencies.

Maybe once or twice if the laser cause damage however Laser Parlor Operators equipment are rarely inspected. especially in states like Arizona.

Fact or Myth
Laser parlor operators routinely lie and use doctored before and after photographs claiming instant and permanent hair removal.

If you have ever seen one of those doctored photographs just compare and look and you will the same photograph published on laser hair removal websites.

Fact or Myth
Do you have to be licensed and registered as an electrologist to become a Certified Professional Electrologist?

Absolutely not 90 per cent of Certified Professional Electrologists are not licensed and registered and to learn more about Certified Professional Electrologists read this article, What Is A Certified Professional Electrologist?

Fact or Myth
Laser Parlor Operators say that shaving does not stimulate heavy hair growth and it is okay to shave between treatments. Myth

Myth shavings stimulates super heavy hair growth and beware of the unethical laser parlor operators who would like you to be a perpetual Laser Parlor Junkie where you will never be permanently hair free. To read about shaving read this article. FACT AND FOR THE RECORD HAIR FACTS & MORE HAIR FACTS ABOUT SHAVING©

Fact Or Myth
The Laser has been completely tested for all results.

That’s a laugh and another lie by the Laser Parlor Industry and it operators who have refused all requests for a legitimate double blind study and testing by a reputable consumer agency such as Underwriter Laboratories. For ten years and counting they have steadfastly refused testing because their own test results prove that it does not work in addition that information has been illegally withheld from the FDA and public. In addition temporary laser hair removal has not been approved or cleared by FDA (Food & Drug Administration) to advertise or claim permanent hair removal and painless hair removal in any form or manner.

Fact or Myth
Most Consumer Hair Removal Advocates are Fake.

Below are links about Americas Number 1 Fake Consumer Advocate The Jackbooted Kammandantessa! transsexual-update3.php transsexual-update4.php

Thank you for you time and attention,

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Boston School Of Electrolysis™
Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Copyright 1999 and revised Copyright 2006 and authored in its totality by Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean


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For those electrologist who would like to learn more about the "The Computerized Epilator" please read my article Comprehending the Computerized Epilator©.

Want to lean how to spot and avoid Fake Consumer Hair Removal Advocates?



  • CLPO AKA Certified Laser Parlor Operator
  • CLP AKA Certified Laser Operator

Ten years and counting and the Laser Parlor Industry still cannot prove that laser hair removal is safe and it works and no matter how many claims the Laser Parlor Industry makes at best it is temporary and dangerous treatment to say the least.

In addition for some strange reason the Laser Parlor Industry steadfastly refuses to allow a legitimate double blind study performed by a reputable testing agency such as Underwriter’s Laboratories. Fact if you examine laser hair removal education and its schools you will discover that its 50-hour one-week coarse is a farce and hoax. Laser Parlor Operators will spend more in time in their 50 hours course learning big words that they do not understand and most of their time is spent on how to market and advertise Americas biggest hoax.

In just one short week after completing a 40 to 50 hours of training you are a Certified Laser Parlor Operator.
Yesiree Bob this 50-hour class includes dynamic Physics, on what makes the laser work plus they claim they can instruct you in Skin Analysis, Hair Biology and Histology of the hair including its hair growth cycles of anagen, catagen, and telogen. As well they compare different types of Hair, vellus, accelerated vellus, and terminal hair types. Laser Parameters, Laser Wavelengths, Laser Chromospheres. The deluxe “Buck Rogers” course includes pulse duration, pretreatment and post treatment care and topical applications and prescription anesthetics for their supposed painless laser hair removal treatments! Yet all of this explained with hands-on practice working on the patient. Nonetheless what amazes me is that you learn and become a Certified Laser Parlor Operator with a meager 50 hours of training. Of course they do not mention that there is no required Federal or State Board examinations to see if you are competent. However ask yourself, do you really think a 50-hour certification course in all the above empowers an individual with the knowledge and experience to perform a safe treatment with an instrument that can cut stainless steal?

However all the above is what it would take you the average citizen to become a Certifiable Laser Parlor Operator in one week course of 50-hours.
For the most part all these courses are taught by non-licensed personal that forgo doing a health and background check let alone most of them skip the fact that there is no need of a minimum of high school diploma to become a Certified Laser Parlor Operator. Nonetheless when it comes to vocabulary Laser Parlor Schools are second to none in teaching their operators how to use big words even if they do not understand them. The big words are used to impress themselves and their clientele nevertheless I recommend the consumer bring a dictionary and actually ask the Laser Parlor Operator the definition of the big words spoken and you be quite amused to see how they trip their over their own lying tongues.

In summation after you the consumer have navigated through a mind-field of quacks you have been empowered with 50 hours knowledge there is just on more hurdle to overcome. Yes and that last hurdle is being able to spot the Internet biggest and most dangerous quack on the Internet known as the Fake Consumer Hair Removal Advocate that steer consumer from away from asking the right question. Fact it is every consumers right to ask questions about their practitioners education and always if they are state licensed and registered for the safety of your health and looks.

If you want to learn more about the dangers of Laser Hair Removal read The Five Star Electrologist Americas Online News & Education For The Electrologist & Consumer©


Do The Math
Non-licensed Combination Electrologists Laser Parlor Operators are without one doubt America’s temporary hair removal scam artists and Americas most greedy unregulated industry.

Fact and for the record I have never met or known of one self-taught uneducated non-licensed Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operator that could perform a decent let alone competent electrolysis treatment. Now these non-licensed Quacks have become the latest scourge and plague upon the legitimate licensed and registered electrologists of America. Fact there is small minority of incompetent state licensed electrologists that have joined the ranks of the ill repute and have become Combination Electrologists Laser Parlor Operators. They joined because they do not possess the basic or minimum requisite practical skill to compete with an honest educated dedicated state licensed and registered electrologists. So when the easy buck known as temporary laser hair removal arrived in 1996 they where the first to become Certified Laser Parlor Operators.

People in general are always looking for good deal however when you choose an uneducated non-licensed electrologist who offers cut-rate this, that, these and you are taking a risk.

Fact the Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operators routinely get away with their lies because they know that a woman does not want to go to court about something as personal as a hair removal. In addition these quacks say, “Legally I cannot say the laser works however it does work.” Fact if they make that claim in any form or manner ask them to put it in writing because you will learn the hard way and quite expensive lesson the laser is a cruel hoax and does not work.

So do the math and add the facts with your common sense and than compare electrolysis as the only known treatment for safe Permanent Hair Removal approved by the FDA. After you have done your tally you will discover at best the laser is temporary, dangerous in addition to being a non-licensed non-regulated industry. The leaves you licensed and registered electrologist as you’re best and only choice for safe permanent hair removal.

My Qualifications

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979
America's First Computer Electrology-Electrolysis Specialist 1985©

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean started her career as a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist in 1979 and after graduating from America's best electrolysis school "Miss Kelly's Of Electrology" founded in 1933. She became a Massachusetts Licensed and registered electrologist after successfully completing her studies and combined curriculum of 1100 hours of Theoretical Sciences in Endocrinology, Histology, Bacteriology, Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology, Dermatology, Electricity, Sterilization, Ethics and Hygiene & Sanitation. Her practical training consisted of 600 hours and after graduation she successfully passed her Massachusetts Dual State Board 2-hour written examination and practical examination. Since 1979 Kimberly is America's only practicing Massachusetts licensed and registered electrologist that offers a written guarantee of excellence. In addition, Kimberly was guest lecturer at Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 1987 on the subjects of Human Sexuality, Endocrinology, Electrolysis and Transsexuals. Furthermore she is the author of the published Scientific Electrologist© Journals, 1,2, 3 and 4. In 1985 Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean in 1986 became America's First Computer Electrology Specialist©™ while being distributor for the R.A. Fischer Company the manufacturers, inventors and innovators of the first Medical Grade Computerized Epilators. Additionally Kimberly authored The Electrologists Diagnostic Case History, 1991© and The Electrologists Insertion Guide© 1993. Furthermore she authors all Certified Educational Upgrades and instruction articles for The Boston School Of Electrolysis™ AKA America's largest and informative electrolysis website written entirely by herself. In addition she is the "Chief Editor" author and publisher for The Five Star Electrologist© America's Online Electrolysis News & Education For The Electrologist and Consumer©. In addition and she also authors the Electrolysis Exposé's byline Spotlight on Slime© of known Internet criminals, cyber stalkers and Fake Consumer Hair Removal Advocates such as the emotionally disturbed and paranoid Andrea James of Deep of Deep Stealth Productions, 5419 Hollywood Blvd., Suite C142, Hollywood, CA 90027, Phone: 213-840-2602. Avoid her hate driven scam ridden prejudiced websites,,, and

Last but not least on the positive side Kimberly is the president and founder of The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ for licensed and registered electrologists only. In addition Kimberly is extremely adept in the computer technology field and is a former distributor for computerized medical grade epilators, which is an important factor in choosing the most efficient and advanced equipment for the patient's electrolysis treatments.

Fact and for the record if you have an unwanted facial hair problem from minor to severe I am the electrologist you can count on for all unwanted facial hair problems have always been my specialty with my written guarantee of excellence.

Arizona’s first and only electrologist who guarantees in writing that after one treatment, if you can locate a better electrologist, bring me the receipt and I will refund your first treatment fee. In addition to that, even on difficult cases, I can work at one-third to one-fourth the time of the average electrologist - licensed or unlicensed. I also guarantee that you will have the most comfortable treatment with no scabbing, scarring or pitting as direct result of my treatments.



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