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Electrolysis Definition

I'm Kimberly Williams R.E., Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist since 1979. I’m the Dean of Boston School of Electrolysis™ also known as the best source of online permanent hair removal information and an educational center for electrologists and consumers.

I am one of the few licensed and registered electrologists in Arizona that specializes in the treatment of unwanted facial hair problems from minor to severe using State Of The Art Computerized Epilators.

I founded the Metro-Phoenix first and only Polycystic Ovarian Clinic for unwanted hair problems. This means your electrolysis treatments will be coordinated with a physician. I also will provide you a written guarantee of excellence.

Electrolysis Definition is one of the fine things we offer at Boston School Of Electrolysis & Boston Electrolysis Private Practice. We also offer hair removal by electrolysis for unwanted facial hairs, and we would like to define electrolysis (see below).

Hair Electrolysis definitions:

  • Removal of hair by destroying the hair roots with an electric current. This is a permanent means of ridding unwanted hair.
  • Use of electricity to dissolve hair roots.
  • The practice of epilation with electrified needles. Hair removal with direct current only (Galvanic Electrolysis). The term is generally applied to all three modalities of epilation with an electrified needle.
  • Electrology is the practice of electrical epilation to permanently remove human hair. An electrologist is sometimes referred to as an electrolysist in the UK. The actual process of removing the hair is referred to as electrolysis.

Electrolysis Definition

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