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Author Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, Lic.,1979

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Texas Electrolysis Supply has been proudly serving Electrologists worldwide since 1989.

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In today's competitive world of electrolysis the "Seasoned Pro” or new-comer to the profession recently graduated from electrolysis school and earned her license and registration as an electrologist will have many obstacles to overcome. Every electrologist faces stiff competition when opening a practice is not as straightforward as it use to be considering that electrologists have to compete with unscrupulous temporary laser hair removal operators. Therefore setting up your practice or upgrading it with new equipment makes purchasing the right "Computerized Epilator” for your practice the most important decision and purchase you will make to become a successful electrologist. In addition as an electrologist you have to have magnification, lighting, forceps, pre-sterilized disposable needles, sterilizer, case history cards, skin-charts, ointments, creams, germicide, antiseptic ointments, lotions and more and the list keeps on growing. 

Many electrolysis schools sell and promote their own equipment and school loyalty is good but it pays to shop around because a penny saved is a penny earned. Newly licensed and registered electrologists are barraged after graduating electrolysis school because manufacturers of electrolysis equipment will tell you want you want to hear versus what you need to know when purchasing electrolysis equipment.  So if you're seasoned professional or recently graduated electrolysis school and you're going to make a big purchase don't spend a dime until you compare. Many electrologists and recent graduates often go to the Electrolysis Epilator Manufacturer thinking I will by direct and get the best price. Well just to let you know 99% of the time that's not always the case and 9 times out of 10 you pay allot more for the same product instead of buying from an electrolysis distributor that represents and sells same product with the same warranty.

Nonetheless when I need electrolysis equipment from minor to major purchases I would pick my supplier most carefully and since 1992 I buy my equipment and products from Dr. Myron Heimlich of Texas Electrolysis Supply. There are many electrolysis suppliers out there but not one of them matches Texas Electrolysis Supply when it comes to service, courtesy and price, Dr. Myron Heimlich guarantee's that Texas Electrolysis Supply will not be undersold can't be beat.

Recently, as an example of Myron's service at Texas Electrolysis Supply one of my Epilators had a "Static Charge” which means it would have to be sent to the factory. Right off the bat Myron said, "Kimberly would you like me to lend you an Epilator and I can send it send over-night delivery?” I said, "Myron I have a back-up computerized epilator but I certainly appreciate your offer.” Let me say this if you're an electrologist with only one epilator and it goes down and you don't have a back-up you're going to lose money and inconvenience your clients or worse. However ask yourself how many electrolysis distributors do you know that would actually make that offer to you?  Myron Heimlich of Texas Electrolysis Supply is the only one I know and he understands the loss and electrologists faces if your epilator is in the shop. Although I recommend all electrologist have a back up epilator preferably computerized and "Made in the USA”.

On the other hand Myron's knowledge about electrolysis equipment and the history of electrolysis is quite extensive. Last year I had to complete 10 CEU'S (Certified Educational Upgrades) to renew my Massachusetts License & Registration as an electrologist and no one at the board had any knowledge of where to find testing for Certified Educational Units and electrolysis courses that are acceptable to the Massachusetts State Board of Registration of Electrologists. Many electrologists in Massachusetts called the board and they had no list of courses in spite of this if you are resident of Massachusetts you could attend the one and only electrolysis school and attain your CEU'S there at cost of $400.0O dollars. Also with today's gasoline prices going back and forth to school can be quite expensive but flying in to take a course would have been tad too expensive. Conversely electrologists in rural states like Arizona like me are at a disadvantage. Then again, Myron Heimlich came to the rescue. Myron actually referred me to one of his competitors who sold correspondence DVD Electrolysis Courses with the examinations and a reputable testing department acceptable to the Massachusetts State Board of Registration of Electrologists. Now how many Electrolysis Distributors-Suppliers have that information, confidence and the integrity to refer a client to a competitor because they do not have that particular product? Now in my book that's what I call professional service at its best.

So if you're just starting out as electrologist or you're a seasoned professional looking for the best price and service from big ticket purchases to the smallest order I could give you more reasons why I exclusively shop at Texas Electrolysis Supply. In addition Jennifer who handles all the phone orders is the best I have ever experienced in regards to being, courteous, polite, prompt and efficient and that it pleasure doing business with Texas Electrolysis Supply because she makes running my practice so much easier.

In summation, I tell all electrologists to buy American and many new electrologists call and ask me what I recommend for their first time purchase for Computerized Epilator. In 1979 my first epilator was R.A. Fischer SE-4 Micromatic Solid-State Epilator which at that time was the top machine on the market which did the Blend, Galvanic and Short-Wave. Since then I have purchased every computerized epilator upgrade manufactured by R.A. Fischer Company which has been recently purchased by the R.A. Hinkel Company another reputable electrolysis epilator manufacturer. I believe in the R.A. Fischer line for its advanced innovative technology coupled with the best reputation and warranty on the market with its superior "Electrical Specifications”. As America's First Computer Electrology-Electrolysis Specialist since 1985 I have purchased every computerized epilator upgrade manufactured by R.A. Fischer the "Innovator of Computerized Electrology-Electrolysis” and presently use their latest R.A. Fischer CBX-Pro-Blend Series Four Model.


Also just to let you R.A. Fischer is not your only choice for an epilator especially their computerized models. However Texas Electrolysis Supply represents every electrolysis epilator manufacturer in the profession including foreign manufacturers has been listed below.


Fischer TS-1 Pro-Therm Epilator

Fischer SE-5 Pro-Blend Epilator w/Air Option

Fischer SE-5 Pro-Blend Epilator

A.R. Hinkel UC-3+ ElectroBlend Epilator

A.R. Hinkel UC-2 Electroblend Epilator

Instantron SS-99 Epilator w/Air Option

Instantron SS-99 Epilator

Instantron Elite Spectrum Epilator w/Air Option

Instantron Elite Spectrum Epilator

Uni-Probe Lite Epilator - By Uni-Probe

Clareblend Nova 2000 Multi-Needle Epilator

Precision Uni-Probe Auto-Blend Epilator

Apilus Cleo Compu-Logic Epilator

Silhouet-Tone ST-250 Epilator


In the end not matter what your electrolysis purchase may be from small to large I always call Texas Electrolysis Supply toll free at 1-800-626-6025 and I say Jennifer, I'd like to make an order.



Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist

America's First Computer Electrology-Electrolysis Specialist


Dr. Myron Heimlich owner Texas Electrolysis Supply has been proudly serving Electrologists worldwide since 1989.  His philosophy and motto is "Today's busy Electrologists deserves the finest service and treatment". We make a commitment to lowest cost, accuracy and courtesy on all of your orders and questions in addition Texas Electrolysis Supply will not be undersold. Furthermore Texas Electrolysis Supply will not be Undersold and call our toll free phone number is 1-800-626-6025. Order line hours: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time Zone

Our toll free phone number is 1-800-626-6025. Order line hours: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time Zone