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Warning Arizona Consumer Electrolysis Alerts
Beware of Fake Arizona Electrolysis & Electrology Schools
Beware of Fake Electrolysis and Electrology Diplomas In Arizona
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The Five Star Electrolysis-Electrology-Blend Rating System



If you are an Arizona resident and are concerned about quality electrolysis, temporary laser hair removal, skin care and aesthetics this article will help you learn how to rate an electrologist. However regarding certain Arizona electrologist’s hair removal techniques and education leave something to be desired. It is most important that all consumers learn how to evaluate an electrologist to understand about the safety of electrolysis and the dangers of temporary Laser Hair Removal practiced by non-licensed quacks. For the record all competent licensed and registered electrologists possess a basic fundamental education, which is the requisite foundation for him or her to provide you a safe successful treatment. The Electrolysis-Electrology profession has always been besieged by exaggerated claims of other hair removal methods by non-licensed “Combination Electrologists Laser Parlors Operators” and other assorted quacks posing as and claiming to be a Combination Arizona Electrologists Laser Hair Removal Operator. Nevertheless these so-called self-proclaimed hair removal messiahs’, Arizona professional electrologists and wanabes' deceptively advertise amongst us. These unlicensed, poorly trained amateurs are wolves in sheep's clothing, ready to clip their next victim, the uninformed consumer. On the other hand every consumer has the right to know their Electrologist's credentials and professional abilities before the start of a treatment. Last but not least always ask if they are professionally bonded with adequate medical ma-practice insurance.

Below is the Five Star Electrolysis-Electrology rating system, for which I have received some very nasty and negative comments coupled with harassment and threats from jealous non-licensed amateurs claiming to be an electrologist. This properly licensed and registered electrologist is fed up with all the scams perpetrated upon our profession by these so-called unqualified, unlicensed and unregistered businesses. For the record I am the only licensed and registered electrologist in Arizona that provides every patient with a written guarantee of excellence.


Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean Written Guarantee of Excellence


Arizona’s first and only electrologist who guarantees in writing that after one treatment, if you can locate a better electrologist, bring me the receipt and I will refund your first treatment fee. In addition to that, even on difficult cases, I can work at one-third to one-fourth the time of the average electrologist - licensed or unlicensed. I also guarantee that you will have the most comfortable treatment with no scabbing, scarring or pitting as direct result of my treatments©.


Boston School of Electrolysis
The Five Star Electrolysis-Electrology-Blend Rating System


How To Rate An Electrologist


Five stars is always the best rating. It means that your Electrologist is educated, trained, tested and is a State Licensed and Registered Electrologist. Five Star Electrologists have attended and graduated from a state monitored and nationally approved and accredited electrolysis school. They have also taken a dual written and practical State Board of Electrologists examination and successfully passed them, and are currently a licensed and registered. Licensed and registered have a responsibility to obey the rules and regulations of their State Board.

Even though my practice is in Scottsdale, Arizona I run it as if it were in Massachusetts. That means my office, equipment and treatments are accountable to a State Board Inspector who could walk in at any time and inspect my office. This includes equipment, sterilization and all professional requirements. If you are unconvinced about your Electrologist's credentials, ask for their pocket license and call their State Board to verify them if you are doubtful. This rating system also includes Electrologists who attended a school with a defined curriculum in which the students are trained by a licensed and Registered Electrologists with a minimum of five years experience using a late model computerized epilators.

Boston School of Electrolysis™

The Five Star Electrolysis-Electrology-Blend Rating System




Four Stars indicate that an Electrologist has completed a minimum of 450 hundred hours of coursework, in a state that requires a license and registration of electrologists for its residents. These out of state courses are designed for electrologists who live in a state, such as Arizona, which has no State Board that license and register electrologists. Any electrologist that has gone out of State and successfully passed a dual State Board electrolysis school examination is to be commended. They demonstrate how essential it is for an electrologist to be professionally trained in a state that requires a license and registration for their residents. Remember always authenticate the school that they claim to have graduated from with the State Board of Electrologists. If doubtful call the state board that approved the school that trained them. For confirmation of electrolysis education in Arizona, call the Arizona State Board of Post Secondary Education at 602-542-5769 and ask for Keith Blanchard, Deputy Director or email him

Boston School of Electrolysis™
The Five Star Electrolysis-Electrology-Blend Rating System




Three Stars define an Electrologist who has attended a school where there is no state board and license and registration for electrologists. These Electrologists should have at have completed a minimum of 450 hundred hour course. One must be cautious if the electrologist’s instructors where not licensed and registered electrologists themselves, as this will directly affect the quality of the training, and therefore your treatments. Always beware of "Certified Instructors". Electrolysis is a profession that cannot be passed down from one unlicensed electrologist to another without a serious loss of competence and safety.


Boston School of Electrolysis™
The Five Star Electrolysis-Electrology-Blend Rating System





Two stars are for non-licensed and non-registered electrologists who have taken a course of 120 hours or less. These electrologists purchase memberships and credentials to electrologists' associations that do not require an electrologist to be licensed and registered in addition they use counterfeit bloated certificates, exaggerated titles and fancy schmancy ornate diplomas to appear professional. They often claim they are a certified electrologist. They put multiple initials after their names and list non-licensed organizations there members of to look impressive, but you would be surprised that you could complete their 50 to 12O hour course they took in with ease. You would also be amazed that some organizations are too lax in checking credentials. However ask yourself would you go to physician who took such a course? These quick-buck diplomas are often called "Certified Professionally Trained Electrologist", "Professionally Certified Instructed" and so on. Whenever you see "Certified" that means that 99 3/4 of them are non-licensed and non-registered. Beware of these electrologists because the have minimal rock bottom training and some have dubious ethics to say the least. Be aware that this is not a profession that can be mastered within 120 hours of training. One should doubt anyone who claims a standard of professional ability from these correspondence and certification courses. You should ask yourself how can one non-licensed electrologist confer a professional title on another one?

The Five Star Electrolysis-Electrology-Blend Rating System



Tsk, tsk and tsk the one star electrologist limit their practice to states where there is no state board of electrologists, because they know they would be shut down by a state board for the simple reason that their credentials and lack of professional training and ethics would not survive professional scrutiny. These so-called electrologists have no scruples or ethics, they adopt any title they see fit, their training is minimal with the average being 50 to 120 hours and very often they use faddish, unproven treatments. They use lasers, electric tweezers, microwave treatments, gels, ointments, and they will tell you electrolysis is painful when it is not. After advertising themselves as electrologists they will switch you over to the dangerous ineffective laser, microwave, intense light treatments often without a physician present, as required by law. They lie to you while telling you the laser isn't painful when the F.D.A. ruled that it's illegal for them to advertise or claim permanent and painless hair removal. They also illegally advertise permanent hair removal by laser. The F.D.A. has ruled that only Electrologists may advertise "Permanent Hair Removal." So if a so-called certified electrologist wants to give you laser treatments, ask them to put it in writing that it will be permanent and painless like they claim They'll also will ask you to pay up to $3000.00 in advance.

For your safety always ask the Laser Parlor Operator for a written guarantee of permanent and painless hair removal before you part with your hard-earned money. It is very easy for them to switch you over to a laser treatment when you have unknowingly signed a consent form to have electrolysis treatments, unless you read the fine print carefully. When in Arizona beware of certified electrologists and if you have the slightest doubt or inkling they are not licensed call their state board of electrologists for verification. Make sure you call a there State Board Of Electrologists, not an electrolysis association that they claim they belong to.

Hair Removal Facts & Warnings



It’s a known fact that certification titles do not mean a person is a state licensed and registered electrologist and good example is the 120-hour Certified Professional Electrologist course. Always remember non-licensed electrologists try to appear and want you to think they are licensed and registered as an electrologist, example they use Jane Doe, C.P.E. Certified Professional Electrologist. Bonafide licensed and registered electrologists will always advertise, Kimberly Williams, R.E., Massachusetts Licensed & Registered electrologist.

For the record it is my professional opinion that the Certified Professional Electrologist 120-hour certification course by itself does not prepare a layperson in any form or manner to be able to perform a safe competent electrolysis treatment. These questionable electrolysis certifications courses and diplomas appear, infer and bestow ornate diplomas and titles with credentials upon undeserving frauds who think that its alright to purchase an education and their credentials even the course they took was from 50 to 120 hours long. Additionally the certification tests are elementary grade school level hoaxes consisting of simple true and false and multiple-choice questions. In addition they do not require a high school diploma, background check nor do they require individuals to take an electrolysis “Practical Application” examination in any form or manner to prove they are competent. However in the end these desktop diploma mills turn out Certified Quacks that are an insult to honest licensed and registered electrologists that earned their credentials and successfully completed an accredited electrolysis school and passed their dual state board examinations.

Consumer beware I have compiled of titles that non-licensed electrologsits frequently use. Other ways that non-licensed electrologists try to appear as licensed electrolgists is to join multiple electrolysis associations, who do not require an electrologist to be educated, state licensed and registered as an electrologist for membership. I repeat these associations do not emphasize nor require state license and registration as an electrologist for membership nevertheless they wholeheartedly promote the proliferation of themselves as uneducated non-licensed Combination Electrologists Laser Parlor Operators.


THE AMERICAN ELECTROLOGY ASSOCIATION: Is the ancestral home of the C.P.E. AKA Certified Professional Electrologist course and approximately 90% or more of its members are not state licensed and registered electrologists.

TITLE USED: C.P.E. Certified Professional Electrologist



Title Members USE: Member of (IGPE)International Guild of Professional electrologists changed its name to theInternational Guild of Hair Removal Specialists, Inc. (IGHRS)

Title Members USE: (IGHRS) AKA International Guild Hair Removal Specialist

The Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists has changed it name to THE SOCIETY FOR CLINICAL & MEDICAL HAIR REMOVAL, INC. Fact electrologists are not required to be licensed to become a member and 90% of its of its members are not state licensed and registered electrologists.



C.C.E. Certified Clinical Electrologist, SCME

C.M.E. Certified Medical Electrologsit, SCME

C.P.E. Certified Professional Electrologist, AEA


Below Is A Classic Example Of A Certified Non-licensed Electrologist use of titles to fool the consumer that they are licensed and registered As An electrologist.



Mary De Fake, C.P.E., AEA, IGPE, SCME, TGRE

Graduate, Arizona State School of Electrology (An Electrology School That Never Existed)

Graduate of the Arizona State School of Electrolysis (An electrolysis School That Never ExistedSchool)

Member of the American Electrology Association

Member of Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists

Member of International Guild of Professional Electrologists

Warning Arizona Consumer Electrolysis Alert

Fake Electrolysis & Electrology Schools and Diplomas

Warning beware of non-licensed electrologists claiming that they graduated from the Arizona State School of Electrology and the Arizona State School Of Electrolysis are electrolysis and electrology schools that never existed.





Fact and for the record if you have been to an electrologist who claims to be a graduate of the Arizona State School of Electrology or The Arizona State School Of Electrolysis beware these schools never existed. Fact if you are dissatisfied with your treatment you can file a complaint with the Arizona State Board Of Post Secondary education at 602-542-5769 and ask for Keith Blanchard, Deputy Director or email him In addition you can read a letter from Keith Blanchard Deputy Director of The Arizona State Board Of Post Secondary Education where he states there is no record of this school.

Read More About The Wild West Of Electrolysis, boston-electrolysis-44.html

Want to learn more about certified electrologists visit Boston School Of Electrolysis at this link. boston-electrolysis-34.html

A List of Arizona's Unlicensed Electrologists

Susan Markman,
Non-Licensed Electrologist
19420 N 59Th Ave Ste B106
Glendale, AZ 85308-6890

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Maria Denicola N.L.E., CPE
Non-Licensed Electrologist
5702 N 19Th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85015-2432

Stephanie Shields,, N.L.E., CPE
Non-Licensed Electrologist
5702 N 19Th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85015-2432

Luba Andersen, N.L.E. CPE
Non-Licensed Electrologist
11038 N Canada Ridge Dr
Tucson, AZ 85737-8796

Givens, Patricia A.
Non-Licensed Electrologist
6161 E Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85712-5183

Soft Touch Electrolysis
Non-Licensed Electrologist
Tempe, AZ

East Valley Electrology Clinic
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Mesa, AZ

Arizona Studio-Electrologist
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SCC Electrolysis and Permanent Makeup

Non-Licensed Electrologist
Scottsdale, AZ

Cherry Creek Electrolysis, Inc.
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Zapps Electrology
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Gilbert, AZ

Classic Electrolysis
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Tempe, AZ

Electrolysis Hair Removal Service
Non-Licensed Electrologist
Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Electrolysis and Permanent Make-up
Non-Licensed Electrologist
Scottsdale, AZ

A Permanent Solution Electrolysis
Non-Licensed Electrologist
Glendale, AZ

Electrolysis by Mary Ann
Non-Licensed Electrologist
Mesa, AZ

Beautiful You Electrolysis
Non-Licensed Electrologist
Electrolysis Hair Removal Service
Scottsdale, AZ

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Scottsdale, AZ
M Non-Licensed Electrologist
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Peoria, AZ

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