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Recent Articles by Boston School Of Electrolysis™

Boston Electrolysis® Disclaimer - Beware of groupon.com Ripoffs & Trademark Infringers

To all consumers beware of fakes and frauds and Groupon.com advertising as Boston Electrolysis®. As the founder and owner of Boston Electrolysis® the following electrologists are frauds and do not possess the legal right to advertise as Boston Electrolysis® or under Boston Electrolysis® on Groupon.com! Read More

Boston Electrolysis© Blasting James Walker To Hell

Every Transwoman works hard to save money for their transition and most times we go without so we can afford electrolysis treatments, hormone, therapy and all kinds of expenses the average person does not understand or can comprehend. Without one doubt going without for Transwoman is second nature and this hard luck story is how a Transwoman from Germany was ripped off in the most coldhearted evil manner... Read More

Boston Electrolysis© Specialized Treatment For The Transgendered Woman©

In 1984 after having created, captioned and originated the copyrighted phrase, "Electrolysis Separates the Girls From The Boys©" in my soon to be released autobiography. It is my professional opinion as a practicing Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist since 1979 nothing has been proven truer than the following statement. Alone and by itself "Electrolysis Separates The Girls From The Boys" has stood the test of time and there is not another treatment in any form or manner that can come close to or equal the definite superiority and the permanency of electrolysis when it comes to permanent hair removal... Read More


Hi, I'm a TG woman and just love Boston Electrolysis®. I've had four other electrologists. The last one here in Arizona made me feel like an ATM machine. I would go in for an hour or two and be done exactly an hour or two later, not counting the time she was talking on the phone or changing the TV channels. Also the electrologists there were uneducated and not licensed. I didn't like that at all ! So I looked around the internet and found Boston Electrolysis®. Kimberly is fully licensed and has had 33 years treating TG women... Read More

Boston Electrolysis® Humor

In Hollywood they say there's no business like show business however Surfing the Net can be just as interesting, perhaps rewarding even. When you think you have seen it all, you stumble upon VOETV'S interview with James W. Walker VII, CPE's, Podcast at the Oracle of Enlightenment. This screen gem was produced in May of 2002 and from the beginning to the very end I found myself amazed at Walker's lack of knowledge when it comes to electrolysis... Read More

Boston Electrolysis® Expose

There are plenty of honest websites on the Internet that feature qualified practitioners developing their practices with professional and personal integrity. Then there are the websites that would make any reader nauseous. Some sites leave even the trusting wary of the services offered, the qualifications of the providers and in the worst circumstances, uneasy at something that is difficult to put one's finger on. Of all the spurious sites, that ascribed to Andrea James and scribed by James Walker The VII CPE, takes the cake; and eat to with their unabashed encouragement and promotion of uneducated non-licensed electrologists... Read More

Boston Electrolysis® Watching TV During Electrolysis

Unethical business tactics are used by the non-licensed electrologists who have circumvented traditional American values of fair play and honesty when it comes to "Permanent Hair Removal." Honest state licensed and registered electrologists across America are professionals that have honored our work and chosen profession with a code of integrity with laws, rules and regulations that we live and abide by. Licensed and registered electrologists are at the crossroads where direct action must be taken that non-licensed electrologists shall be held accountable for mischievous unprofessional illegal unethical conduct and behavior. Licensed and registered electrologists are obligated to inform and educate the public that we are the only bonafide professional practitioners of electrolysis to practice. Electrolysis is the only true procedure that results in "Permanent Hair Removal". Nonetheless the Laser Parlor Industry has infiltrated the profession non-licensed electrologist who deceptively advertise electrolysis to get you in the door and use bait and switch tactics to covert you to the laser... Read More

The Boston Electrolysis® Library of Permanent Hair Removal©

Traditionally the best electrolysis schools Deans have always provided and maintained a private practice for those seeking superior electrolysis treatments. I maintain Boston Electrolysis® Private Practice as a full time practice and the Boston School of Electrolysis website as a complimentary electrolysis and educational resource of factual information for the consumer and continuing education for practicing electrologists... Read More

Boston School Of Electrolysis©